Tanning Enhancements

"Additional applications to consider."

pH Balancing Exfoliation Spray

Treatment that is applied to the skin prior to the tanning solution. This treatment is enriched with fruit extracts that open up the pores to allow the tan solution to penetrate to its maximum level. - $10.00

MoistureSeal Solution

This treatment is designed to add moisture to the skin while locking in color. It is applied immediately after the tanning solution. This is highly recommended to people that will be swimming in pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes and ocean water.- $10.00

Double Dip

Wanting a bold, rich color? The Double Dip gives two applications in one to intensify your glow for deeper rich results. - $10.00

Light Dip

Adding a Light Dip give you just a little extra color, gradually so to make sure you look exactly how you want to, shade by shade. - $7.00