Would you like a natural-looking tan, no damaged skin?

What you need to know:

  • Flawless is quickly becoming the go-to destination for an even, natural looking, streak free tan in Kansas. We have a great number of customers coming to us for their weekly touch up – because they know that any outfit looks ten times better with a great tan. Whether you want a hint of a glow, a party pick me up or a deeper richer color for your vacation. We have a tanning solution to suit you and more importantly a tanning artist that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Your tan NIGHTMARES are a thing of the past.

  • Airbrush tanning is an alternative form of tanning. This type of tanning is great for anyone. People who have a hard time tanning, be it natural or in tanning beds will find this form of tanning very comforting. One application with airbrush tanning could be equivalent to approximately 6 tanning bed sessions, therefore making it cost effective. Airbrush tanning also spares the skin of excessive wear and tear as well as potential burns caused by the sun or tanning beds.

  • After each tanning session I guarantee, that you will look exactly how you imagined if not even better. I feel so fortunate to do something I absolutely love. My passion lies in creating a unique look for my clients by emphasizing their natural beauty. My top priority is to make you happy and satisfied.

  • Flawless Custom Airbrush Tanning was started after my personal search for the perfect looking sunless tan. I wanted to make people look and feel great about themselves without risking their health. I worked in the skin care industry for many years and understood that not one person’s skin is the same. In my search I fell in love with a concept of using one of the best formulated solutions that reacts uniquely to each individual. The same type of solution that is applied on people literally finds the undertones in the skin, and uses those undertones to darken the skin. So you will look like your beautiful glowing tanned self instead of someone else.

  • A person CAN get a sunless tan even if they can't get a real tan. Flawless can help you achieve that.

  • Fast application
  • Great control of tanning effect
  • No streaking or mess
  • No orange appearance
  • Ability to even out undesired tan lines
  • Fades gently and naturally
  • Quick drying application
  • No sticky or greasy feel
  • A safe and healthy tanning alternative
  • Won't age your skin
  • The ability to tan at your convenience
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